How can I contribute?

We’re developing interactive applications designed to help you explore this wonderful body of textual heritage as you contribute data!

We need your help with two tasks:

  1. 📍 Locating and/or tag advertisements
  2. 🎮 Transcribing individual words

Your help will make the newspapers more usable for both humans and machines!

  • The processed text will be made available online for users to search, browse and enjoy.
  • The processed text will be used by Eurac Research to improve the searchability of the digitised newspapers.

📍 Historypin

Zeit.shift advertisement in Historypin.

In this activity, citizens locate and tag historical advertisements published in the newspapers in order to reconstruct the commercial landscape of early 20th century Tyrol. Many shops from those times still exist today! This activity makes use of an existing third-party platform, Historypin.

You will need:

  • Basic knowledge of German and Fraktur script
  • A free Historypin account
  • A desktop computer (activity not designed for mobile devices)
  • To add specific tags and/or location information to the newspaper adverts

🎮 Ötzit!

Game preview
Our Ötzit! game.

In this custom web game, inspired by Typespeed, words automatically extracted from the digitised Tyrolean newspapers drop from the sky. The goal of the game is simple: you must type the words as fast as possible before the animals reach and kill Ötzi the Iceman! Words typed correctly will scare off the animals and prolong Ötzi’s life.

Why should I contribute?

Your contributions to Zeit.shift will help:

  • accelerate research progress
  • make text more searchable and usable
  • create new knowledge for education and research alike
  • make the newspaper collection more discoverable
  • preserve the historical memory of Tyrol

Personal benefits you can expect from your involvement are:

  • increased awareness of Tyrolean history and culture
  • increased understanding of research procedures (e.g. digitisation and data quality)
  • possibility of influencing changes in project methodology, objectives, development, results or dissemination
  • increased familiarity with data that you might use in your own projects
  • acknowledgement of your contribution in academic publications and on our website
  • self-contained, casual tasks you can do whenever suits you best
  • discover new interests, likeminded people and communities