Open Research Award 2021 🏆

Gepostet am Dezember 15, 2021 von Eurac Research ‐  1 min Lesenzeit

We're thrilled to share that we've been awared the Eurac Research Open Research Award 2021!

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve been awarded the Eurac Research Open Research Award 2021!

The award recognises researchers at Eurac Research who most actively engage in open science, making research more collaborative and facilitating the free sharing of results. Our work stood out because of our wide adoption of open research practices –ranging from open access scientific publications to open data, tools and infrastructures– and citizen science (including Zeit.shift!) for the preservation and dissemination of local resources and knowledge.

We’re very grateful for this award and look forward to a new year of Open Science!

👉🏼 Read the full Eurac Research article here:

👉🏼 Read our interview (in German) here:

Photo of the LT group
The award ceremony. Zeit.shift displayed in the background.
Photo © Eurac Research/Annelie Bortolotti.
Photo of the LT group
The Language Technologies team (all but two!). From left to right: Andrea, Verena, Greta, Egon and Jenny. Photo © Eurac Research/Annelie Bortolotti.