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All for Linguistics (All4Ling) is an initiative of the Institute of Applied Linguistics of Eurac Research devoted to the development of Citizen Science projects and expertise. As the name suggests, All4Ling focuses on linguistics but is becoming increasingly involved in interdisciplinary Digital Humanities research.

Computational Linguistics

We develop and use language technology to research multilingualism.

Digital Humanities

We conduct interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences.

Citizen Science

We actively involve citizens for knowledge acquisition and transfer.

Cultural Heritage

We collaborate with memory institutions for the preservation of cultural heritage.


We specialise in Tyrolean heritage and culture but our interests transcend national borders.


We're an international team of researchers working in a trilingual setting.



Anyone can contribute to our research projects. Whether you're a student, a researcher, a teacher or an enthusiast, we're looking for volunteers to help us curate data and create new knowledge.



We strive to turn your valuable contributions into fun and rewarding opportunities for you to learn more about the topic at hand and understand how you're helping advance research.

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