First Ötzit! prizes awarded!🎁

Posted on October 6, 2022 by Eurac Research ‐  1 min read

We're happy to share that prizes for the first three weeks of the Ötzit! competition have been awarded!

🥁 And the winners are...
TabletCineplexx ticketsVisit of terraXcube
Week 1Anna B.Felizitas A.Hannah T.
Hannah T.
Nick S.
Paula M.
Week 2Felizitas A.Jonas G.Marie S.
Laura M.
Marie S.
Annalena B.
Week 3Simon S.Lucas C.Leon R.
Alina L.
Eric G.
Elias S.


Our top scorers attend the “Anton Sepp von Seppenburg” (Kaltern) and the “Paul Troger” (Welsberg) middle schools in South Tyrol.

The competition ends on October 30th so if you haven’t joined already, please register at the following link to participate and win these fantastic prizes:
For enquiries, please write to:

Oetzit Rewards